Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Baja Report

Important Baja Report Updates:

Hola amigo, 
December is a busy and stressful month for many people, so we wanted to share you a few stress free, fun things that are happening in Baja.

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Featured Article of the Week

The Fight of the Baja Brew Masters

The beer industry in Mexico is famous worldwide. However, as we will see below, it is based on a business model which is not always  beneficial to the consumer or to the small home-based producer. So what is the story behind the cold cerveza of Baja? Let's first introduce the biggest breweries in Mexico: Grupo Modelo and CuauhtĂ©moc-Moctezuma Brewery...

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Baja Events and Activities

Baja Events and Activities is sponsored by Playa de Oro development in San Felipe, Baja California. 

DEC, 19, 2012

Secret Santa and Tamale Dinner

SAN FELIPE - Join us next Wednesday from 4PM - 6PM for a fun, food and friendship. We will enjoy a traditional Mexican Tamale dinner for only $5. In addition, you can win a prize for the ugliest sweater or most creative holiday outfit. Plus, you will have fun the a Secret Santa gift giveaway game.
$5 BGL Members Tamale Dinner
$7 Non-members Tamale Dinner

DEC. 19, 2012
Wine Wednesdays at Vino Baja

SAN FELIPE - Vino Baja, La Plazita on Mar De Cortes
City/Town: San Felipe.
Cost: $5.00 a glass,
Time: Weekly from 12pm to 4pm on Wednesday,
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DEC. 27, 2012
2012 Kiteboarding Grand-Slam

LA PAZ - Copa Playa Central 2012 Kiteboarding Grand-Slam
Time: December 27, 2012 to December 31, 2012 Location: La Ventana City/Town: La Ventana BCS Organized By: Playa Central KiteboardingRead more...

DEC. 28, 2012
17th South Campos Parade of Lights

SAN FELIPE - 17th South Campos Parade of Lights
Time: 5pm Location: Poblado Deliciias KM-35.5
Organizied by: Hal Stuart halstuart

DEC. 29, 2012
4th Annual 5k Run/Walk

TODOS SANTOS - Location: Todos Santos
City/Town: Todos Santos BCS
Organized By: Palapa Society

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Member Only Features

Member Voting - Cast your vote!

We need all members to participate in voting and decision making for the club. Your votes and opinions help to guide the club and helps the club board and administration determine what you want, need and prefer. Please take a moment to cast your vote

Earn Baja Bucks

We are bring back the Baja Bucks in a big way! You will be able to buy The best part is that your Baja Bucks are easy and fun to earn and use. You will now earn Baja Bucks every time you post an article, post an event, comment on a post, or join a group. Your Bucks can then be redeemed for trips, club apparel, dinners and more at any Baja Good Life Club weekly dinner party. Read more...

Buy and Sell Everything! 

As a member you can now buy and sell! Simply login and post your Marketplace ad, which includes up to 4 images. Any member can publish unlimited ads including just about anything you wish, from real estate, and rental properties to goodies from your garage, or items you've created. Anyone can view ad listings, but only members can post. Simply select the city and the category. Start selling today.   

Member Support

Helpful tips and tricks

We will be forever trying to improve our member support and as we get near the new year we are getting things into ship shape and tightening the hatches. Every week you will find the tips and tricks needed to make the best of your Baja Good Life experience.
Visit, login and click "support" to submit ticket. 
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