Saturday, December 15, 2012

San Felipe Baja Report

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San Felipe for Dec 14 - Dec 21:

Hola Bobby, 
December is packed with Fun, Food and Friendship, starting this Sunday with our members Holiday Dinner at Parrot's Cracker, then a traditional Mexican tamale dinner on Wednesday, plus a potluck and a parade of lights, plus lots more...
Baja Good Life Club
Featured Article of the WeekFeature Article is sponsored by Playa de Oro development in San Felipe, Baja California. 

Part 2 of 4:  Immigration Series

Understanding the Changes

At the beginning of his mandate the President of México, Licenciado FELIPE DE JESÚS CALDERÓN HINOJOSA, send to the legislators a request to have new Immigration rules. Legislators worked hard to write a new Immigration Law that would indicate with clarity the powers of immigration officers. The goal was to remove much of the discretionary powers, provide human rights guarantees to all who enter Mexico, be it legally or illegally, foreigner or Mexican. The new law is in accordance with the international conventions and treaties and, the dispositions in the country´s Carta Magna.

Pacific Fish for Members

If you love good fish, you are going to love that fact that Baja Good Life Club members are now able to order fresh Pacific fish. Orders are taken at any BGL Happy Hour meeting and delivered at the next meeting. All fish is purchased and packed in ice and delivered to San Felipe the following day, providing you with the freshest Pacific fish available in San Felipe and at the usual low discounted rate to BGL Club members. 
Steaks: Black Sea Bass, Tuna, Dorado/Mahi Mahi, Marlin and Yellowtail
Fillets: Yellowtail, Halibut, Angel Shark, Mako Shark, Ling Cod, Red Snapper
Whole Fish: Red Snapper, Halibut, Barracuda, Yellowtail, Dorado/Mahi Mahi
Shellfish: Large Live Clams, Live Oysters, Calimari (Squid),Octopus,Crab Claws, Blue Crabs,
Guey duk Clams, Cooked Mussels, Live Mussels, Scallops, Lobsters
Smoked Fish: Marlin, Tuna


Before you go out and spend too much on the groceries items for your holiday feast at one of the new giant downtown stores, consider the saving at some of our Baja Good Life Business Member stores:
RANCHO MARKET - Very nice selection of hard to find, available no where else, and specialty gourmet foods and more. MEMBERS GET 10% OFF EVERY DAY ON EVERYTHING IN THE STORE. 
PELICANO MARKET - This is a great little grocery store on Highway 5, in the Ejido. They offer the same products and prices as Hipon downtown, and carry all your Mexican favorites including a meat market. MEMBERS GET 5% OFF ON EVERYTHING IN THE STORE EVERY WEDNESDAY.

Up Coming Member Events




Parrots Cracker, San Felipe

One of the best things about the holidays is the fun, food and friendship and nothing brings those together better than a great holiday meal with family and friends. Join us Sunday, December 16 for a very special meal we are putting together with the Parrot's Cracker. 
Dinner will start with a chicken walnut salad. This delicious salad is served with chopped chicken and walnuts over a bed of mixed greens and fresh sliced apples. The nights entree is a tender stuffed pork chop, served with sweet potatoes and seasoned mixed vegetables. Dinner will be finished off with a Yule log chocolate cake
Join us for fun, food and friendship and live holiday music performed by Mike 
Seating is limited to 48 seats plus 6 at the bar. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you call 686-230-9933, reply to this email, or stop by the office in Playa de Oro to reserve your seat. This is filling fast 
Time: Drinks - 5PM & Dinner - 6pm
Location: Parrots CrackerCost: $15.00 / person (members only) 


Rancho Alegre Restaurant

Join us next Wednesday from 4PM - 6PM for a fun, food and friendship. We will enjoy a traditional Mexican Tamale dinner for only $5. In addition, you can win a prize for the ugliest sweater or most creative holiday outfit. Plus, you will have fun the a Secret Santa gift giveaway game.
It's easy and fun and here is how it works: Bring a wrapped gift ($50 pesos). Each person that brings a gift will get a number…Person number 1 gets to pick one of the wrapped gifts from the table and the game begins…person number 2 gets to pick either one of wrapped gifts from the table the unwrapped gift from person number 1, or any other opened gift depending on the number of people playing. The best number to draw is the last number…you can choose from all the unwrapped gifts or the last gift from the table. 
$5 Members Tamale Dinner

Other Holiday Events



Playa de Oro Beach

Members Only Potluck. Bring a dish and what you would like to drink, plus a chair/blanket. There will be games, and good fun, food and friendship.


Poblado Delicias (km35.5)

Join us for a Come-a-Long Tour to the San Felipe south campos for their 17th Annual Parade of Lights. Meet at the BGL Office in Playa de Oro at 3:30PM, so that we can all caravan together. For those unaware, the road is fully paved all the way to the south campos and we will travel together.  

Member Only Features

Member Voting:

What club activities do you prefer?

We are planning many new events for members and would very much like to get your input, what is it you would like to do or see? Please take a moment to cast your vote. 

Earn Baja Bucks:

Earn $10 Baja Bucks for attending this Sunday's Holiday Dinner. 

Members will now receive $10 Baja Bucks each time they attending a Baja Good Life Club events. This Sunday's dinner will earn all members $10. Read more...

Featured Members Classifieds: 

Ejido Lots for only $2500

No Rules- No Dues- No Fees. Surveys included.Pay taxes once when you buy and when you sell. Rights to property forever. 

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