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Guide to the Good Life in Mexico

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Guide to the Good Life in Mexico
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Mexico Living April 2009
April 2009

Travel Economics
Safety in Mexico
History of Mx Hotels
PLUS: Border Crossing, Mariachi's, & Rosarito Realtors giving back.

Mexican Road Care
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Rosartio Beach
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Magana Rest.
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Laura Miller
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San Felipe
Baja Nueva
Blowin' Smoke BBQ
Botica Sagrado Corazon
CSI Baja
Fat Boy's Pizza
Los Arocs
Rotary Club
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SunRunner Mail
Sand & Sea Market

Puerto Penasco
Reggie's 8/12 Convenience & Liquor store - Mirador area
Reggie's 8/12 Convenience & Liquor store - 13th Street
JJ Cantina
"La Cholla" Mini Market in Cholla Bay

San Carlos
La Palapa Griega
SC-Joyas de Country
SC-Long Realty Seaside
Tesoro Decoracion
Star Realty
Seaside Reservations
Paradiso Resort
San Carlos Plaza Hotel
Santa Rosa Market
Rosa's Cantina
Baracuda Bob's
Captains Club
Marinaterra Hotel
Soggy Peso Bar

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Issue: #23/1 April abirl / 2009
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There are lots of free newspapers, and plenty of glossy quarterly or annual magazines, and all of them add to our communities and help tourism, but none of them are like Mexico Living. We are the only high-quality guide produced monthly, distributed across Baja California and Sonora and soon the southwestern United States.

We need to bring our communities into their communities. We need tourists and U.S. residents to know Mexico is a safe country with incredible people, community and opportunity. We need to showcase our part of Mexico as a great place to live, work, play and invest.

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11 April  - Castaway Kid
MMulliganSAN CARLOS - In conjunction with the Tucson Association of Realtors, Mark Mulligan is performing a concert to benefit the Castaway Kids and the Hearth Foundation in Tucson. It will be on Saturday, April 11th in the TAR building located at 2445 N Tucson Blvd. The tickets are $45 and include a drink ticket and light Hors D'Oeuvres. For ticket information and information about the Hearth Foundation Let all of your Tucson friends know about it so they don't miss it!
More info...

16 April - Baja Nueva Art Show
Baja Nueva LogoSAN FELIPE - Art Show at Baja Nueva
in the Plazita
Featuring local artist
Luis Cogly.
Show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
614 Mar de Cortez,San Felipe.

For more information, call (686) 211-4676.

More info...

22 Earth Day - Beach Clean up Day!
EarthDay-100 SAN FELIPE - See you abril/April 22 Earth Day at 8am at Casey's place next to the El Cortez Hotel.
This will be a big clean up day for the Beach and town we will have gloves, water and bags for trash but with your donation of time a donation of trash bags would be great! Please remember to wear block for your self and a hat...  We will work as long as you like so if you can give us a couple of hours or more that would be super...   Thanks,  Casey  

Fishing Kayak Rocky Point:
fishing w/Kayak Rocky PiontPUERTO PENASCO - 3 hours of kayak fishing on the Sea of Cortez. This tour includes the kayak, fishing pole, tackle & bait. The pedal drive kayaks work great for trolling. $40 per person. Contact Tammy or Roland for more info U.S. toll free: 866-687-2510 Mexico : (011-52) 638-103-2038 - Reserve Now!


Wednesday April 8-12
Semana Santa Week-7 nights

Sunday, April 12
All day Easter Sunday / Domingo de Resurreccion

Thursday, April 9
6pm The Joint Happy Hour at Rosartio Beach Hotel

Friday, April 10
4:30pm Square Dancing: Costa del Sol clubhouse
6:00pm the Joint Happy Hour at Rosartio Beach Hotel
7:00pm Tango Night at Rosartio Beach Hotel
8:00pm Rosa & Rita Karaoke Bar at Rosartio Beach Hotel

Saturday, April 11
9:00am La Bamba Weekend Breakfast Specials
8:00pm Poetry Readings At Chacha's Café
6:00pm The Joint Happy Hour at Rosartio Beach Hotel
6:30pm Fiesta Mexicana at Rosartio Beach Hotel
8:00pm Rosa & Rita (Karaoke Bar) at Rosartio Beach Hotel

Sunday, March 12
9:00am La Bamba Weekend Breakfast Specials

Friday, April 10
All day Curso de Analisis Cinematografico

Wednesday, April 8
10:00am Las Amigas Meetings
5:00pm Fandangos Happy Hour

Thursday, April 9
6:00pm Lions Club Meeting at Los Arocs Resturant
6:30pm Name That Tune at Beach Bar & Grill

Friday, April 10
6:00pm Karaoke at Los Arocs Restaurant
7:00pm Agave Blues at The Lighthouse Restaurant

Saturday, April 11
9:00am "Poker Run" South Campos
6:00pm Allan & Tom at The Lighthouse Restaurant

Monday, April 13
8:00am Rotary Meeting

Tuesday, April 14
6:00pm Karaoke at The Lighthouse w/The Singout Sisters and Chuey

Wednesday, April 15
5:00pm Fandangos Happy Hour
10am-10pm Happy Hour at the Lighthouse Restaurant

Wednesday, April 8
The South of the Border Singles Club at Playa Bonita for Happy Hour

Thursday, April 9
4:00pm Happy Hour at Desert Oasis The Connection meets every Thursday

Saturday, April 11
4:00pm CEDO Natural History Talk

Tuesday, April 14
2:00pm CEDO Natural History Talk

Wednesday, April 15
The South of the Border Singles Club at Playa Bonita for Happy Hour

Wednesday, April 8-14

Wednesday, April 8
5:00pm La Palapa: Mark Mulligan
6:00pm Ruby Wine Bar: Omar Arriaga

Thursday, April 9
5:00pm La Palapa: Danny Moreno
7:00pm Bananas: Giacomon Twins, Open Mic

Friday, April 10
5:30pm La Palapa: Eric Holland
7:00pm Evie's Upstairs: Bobby & Leslie Sahlen
8:00pm Bar Coral Fiesta Hotel: Gilberto & Luna
9:00pm Froggy's: Utopia
9:00pm Tequila's: Family Band

Saturday, April 11
5:00pm Castaway Kid - More info
5:30pm La Palapa: Eric Holland
6:00pm Evie's Café Terrace: Omar Arriaga
7:00pm Froggy's: Utopia
8:00pm Bananas: Giacoman Twins
8:00pm Bar Coral Fiesta Hotel: Gilberto & Luna
9:00pm Tequilas: Family Band

Sunday, April 12
7:00am Froggy's: Utopia
9:00am Evie's Breakfast Buffet: Omar Arriaga, 9 a.m.-Noon
1:00pm La Palapa: Mark Mulligan

Tuesday, April 14
6:00pm Froggy's: Eric Holland, 6-9 p.m.

Wednesday, April 15
5:00pm La Palapa: Mark Mulligan
6:00pm Ruby Wine Bar: Omar Arriaga

Baja Nueva Furniture SALE!
25% off all Custom Furniture; Living Room, Dining Room, & Bedroom Sets.
More info contact Jerry or Sherry at 686-211-4676
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Be sure to tell them Mexico Living sent you.
Offer Expires: April 30, 2009.
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